1. Choose another prehistoric site in the four corners region and describe possible connections to Chaco Canyon.

The White House ruins because it is an outlier. This indicates ties to Chaco.

2. Describe Pueblo Bonito's alignments to the cardinal directions. What is the importance of the cardinal directions to Dr. Shelley Valdez?

The alignments of Chaco are off by only a few degrees. Dr. Shelly valdez said it was important because it connects the seasons.

3. What can you infer by comparing the photos of Casa Rinconada before its excavation in 1930's to the way it looks today?

Today in Casa Riniconda there is a window that was restored in the 30’s. this suggests that outer room covered this window before

4. Explore the Quicktime VR movies of Pueblo Bonito. Record at least three observations that you make as you look around this structure.

People still thin of it as a special place, the biggest great house has 800 rooms, and Chaco is like a big calendar.

5. What was "Threatening Rock" and how has it impacted Pueblo Bonito?

It impacted Pueblo Bonito because it was a change in how thw houses were built and how they lived

6. What does the Supernova Pictograph look like to you? Why do some believe that this pictograph is a representation of the supernova of July 4, 1054 A.D.

I think the supernova looks like a powerful explosion. They think this because it was visible for 23 days and was brighter than the planet Venus