external image top-withens-calder-valley-1977.jpg
Top Withens, Calder Valley © Fay Godwin, 1977

This photograph is called Top Withens, in Calder Valley, obviously. I'm not sure what the purpose was for the photo being taken, although it sort of catches the eye. It's distinctively showing that someone is living in a house somewhere out in the rural area. Although it's not a place of activity, but nature acts and is freely to act as it pleases. The mood of the picture is sort of gloomy but relaxing in a way. Some viewers may not think this is too interesting of a photo as much of the other photographers, but it caught my eye. I believe that this photo is trying to give the message that sometimes everyone does need time alone, time to think. time to away from the craziness of life, just to breathe and relax.