Art has been around for a really long time and has come and gone. Art has also changed in its value and how it is portrayed. Art has always been known as art but has transformed or developed. The reasons why the arts have transformed or developed is because times have changed and/or there have been opportunities to sell/trade or make art to get fortune. According to the Navajos “weaving became more marketable, it became less an item of trade and more an item to be purchased by outsiders, which introduced cash into the equation.”
The Pueblo pottery illustrates continuity amid change because the pottery was made for practical uses such as gathering water or using it as a food dish. Now the pottery is mainly seen as art or an object that brings money. The pottery is still the same the only thing that has changed is its uses. The Pueblos were so into their pottery being used for everyday living and as the times changed so did the peoples liking for the arts. The Pueblos would change their pottery to accommodate to the time changes and what others would like to buy or have in their homes.
Dine weaving portrays continuity amid change due to their weaving of rugs. The rugs that the Dine made were used as trade and they had been rare. Now the rugs were becoming less rare and losing its value of trade. The rugs do still bring in money to the Dine so the rugs were becoming more marketable and less trade. The patterns of the rugs do change and that’s what makes it different because the rugs were no longer made for trade and instead made for money use. Just as the Pueblos the Dine would change their weaving because they wanted others to buy it and also they had to adapt to the changes that the people wanted. The changes were that the people became interested into how the things looked instead of their value and the real reasons for making the rugs.
Hispanic woodcarving was at first used just for art as well as weaving. Soon the woodcarving would mean more. The Hispanic had made some woodcarvings called Santeros. Santeros had been almost ruined but a group of people that the Santeros had sentimental value towards them helped to donate money to keep them in their location. This promotes continuity amid change by the Santeros always being special but now they have gained more respect for the arts. The Santeros were used for religious uses towards the Hispanics and if they were to get ruined then those people would have nothing for their religion. It has changed because it has more value than just a woodcarving because top the Hispanic it means a lot to their religion.
Throughout time art has been respected, loved, liked, and used for necessity. Over time it has increased in value as well as decreased also. All in all, art is still around and will always be. Those that make art, weave blankets and rugs, that make pottery, and that make woodcarvings all made art in their own ways. The Navajos made weaving marketable, the Hispanics made woodcarving religious, and the Pueblos made pottery out of traditions. The arts have always had basic concepts of just being art but their art has changed for the people.