Early 1900’s New Mexico art was merged into a very important part of New Mexico. New Mexico’s art has been very popular all across the nation. In the 1920’s is where it all started as many artist decide to come to New Mexico and decided that the landscape was perfect for the style of artistic version. Some art like pottery have really been part of New Mexico for many years before the “art boom” of New Mexico. Many Native Americans have made pottery and rugs since the dawn of time.
The “art boom” of New Mexico started when two painters by the names of Bert Phillips and Ernest Blumenschein went to Toas, New Mexico to seek a place to paint and fell in love with the landscape. After that many others decided to come to New Mexico including writers. Many decided to stay in Toas but also many native Americans were able to show their work. Mostly Navajo, Hopi, Hopi/Tewa, and Zia pottery became famous.
The Native American pottery and rugs became very famous to the point that some of the art were being sold in New York City. With marvelous styles like Maria Martinez’s black on black pottery, Santa Clara and San Ildefonso sgraffito technique. The most famous art ever made in New Mexico was by Mrs. Elle of Ganado. Elle mad a red, white and blue rug that she presented to President Theodore Roosevelt.
New Mexico rugs became a big seller as well. Some of the style the Native Americans use different designs. Native Americans used different design because they believe that the shouldn’t use their native design. Collectors and traders want weavers to go back to native designs. To continue making profit from them weavers went back to native design. Weavers also started to use local dyes to plants and berries. Even until this day rugs are sold at Native American ceremonies and festivals.

Art in New Mexico has been a major part of our society. We have many Art exhibits and art shows. Very where we go in the state you’ll see New Mexico art, near the freeway, some of the building and on some buildings. New Mexico’s Art has became famous all around the United States.