Pueblo pottery, Dine Weaving, Hispanic Carving illustrates Roberts theme of continuity mid change by the old ways of making the art is still somewhat here. Pueblo pottery is still somewhat popular but is not used like it was in the past, now we use pottery for more as to show off its not really used for like it was made for like going to get water from the stream. Dine weaving was a popular thing and every weaver really has their own signature and own personal touch and many would put pictures. Many people don’t buy rugs and blankets no more like in the past. Hispanic wood carving was another important thing and it also died down but there still is carving and how they make things reminds me of jail like how they would carve things out soap and what not.

Pueblo pottery has changed over the years because of new things like the electric kiln. It was once used and made as a practical object now its used mostly as a art form. Pottery is still used as it was back in the day says Rick Dillingham.