The objects found in this picture are, mountains, trees, rivers, sun light, and clouds. There are
not people in this photo, and there really are not activities in this photo other then nature doing
what it is supposed to. I think this photo was created to get the person looking at this photo,
and appreciate nature and all of its beauties. This picture makes you feel at peace. It is effective
because it catches a person's eye. One question I think this picture asks, is how long can
the beauty of nature last with mankind constantly ruining it. The message of this picture is that
we as humans have the responsiblity of preserving nature. The source of this picture is, the master of this photograph is Ansel Adams. This photo is called
"The Tetons....Snake River". And was taken in Wyoming in 1940. The physical characteristics of
this photo is that it is a black and white photo.