1. Choose another prehistoric site in the four corners region and describe possible connections to Chaco Canyon.
Another prehistoric site in the four corners region is Salmon Ruin near the Aztec Ruins and the city of Blooming Field, New Mexico. It was built in 1000 A.D. and it is one of many “outliners” to Chaco Canyon. There has been found connecting roads to Chaco Canyon. With this roads it can be inferred that Chaco Canyon ad connects with many other pueblos surrounding the four corner region.

2. Describe Pueblo Bonito's alignments to the cardinal directions. What is the importance of the cardinal directions to Dr. Shelley Valdez?
Pueblo Bonito’s alignment to the cardinal directions is there’s a line right down the middle; perfectly align with the North and South axis. The southern-most wall is also perfectly aligned with the east-West axis as well. Dr. Shelly Valdez says it’s important because the way it connects so many thing like, the season, the people who live there and that were part of the culture, the stars, the environment and nature etc. This gave them
The knowledge of the sun and moon that helped them know when to harvest and hunt in order to survive.

3. What can you infer by comparing the photos of Casa Rinconada before its excavation in 1930's to the way it looks today?
Before the excavation in the 1930’s, Casa Rinconada had walls torn down and the kivas barely visible. After, however, the ruins where the walls were torn down it were rebuilt to show how it might have looked like. With this in mind some may bring the question on whether or not it is a good idea to have rebuilt a building like this and when it is a good time or under what conditions would it be ok.

4. Explore the Quicktime VR movies of Pueblo Bonito. Record at least three observations that you make as you look around this structure.
The plaza at Pueblo Bonito is massive. The kiva looks deep and the structure of the buildings surrounding it are very well thought out. This shows how the people of Chaco Canyon are great architects. The rooms in Pueblo Bonito are said to be about four stories high. The way they were built forshadows the way building now look today but mixed with the style of how adobes are built as well.

5. What was "Threatening Rock" and how has it impacted Pueblo Bonito?

The “Threatening Rock” is the type of stone near Pueblo Bonito that can easily collapse due to heavy rains. This cause a threat to Pueblo Bonito since most of the houses are near the bases of “threatening rock”. It eventually did destroy many of the “houses” and rooms located near by. One famous one is the great house when the “threatening rock” crushed most of the rooms and it’s highest wall in 1941.