Photographer Ansel Adam’s photograph Mount Williamson from Manzanar, California found on shows a negative view of a landscape. Taken in 1944. The picture shows that heavens touches earth. The sky and the ground or landscape of rocks and mountains come in hand. With the sun rays coming through the clouds near an in the mountains. The picture is full of rocks, mountains, clouds and sun rays. The photograph was used for visual pleasure. The mood of the picture is a peaceful. Its an effective work because it shows an image not shown everyday in a city. People in that are used to seeing Huge skyscrapers don’t get to see mountain views or landscape such as the Sierra mountains. The question Ansel Adams is asking “does heaven touch earth in certain places”? I don’t believe the artwork is to convey a message really just that earth does hold beauity that people don’t see everyday.Ansel Adam did a lot of photographs in new mexico.