Tetons and the Snake River by Ansel Adams

This photo is called Tetons and the Snake River. It is by a well known photographer named Ansel Adams. This picture is busy but calming. It seems like this would be from a lookout only for the reason that u can see so much from one spot. In this photo you can see a river flowing down different turns. There are also many trees around the river. There is also a couple of snow capped mountains in the background. I don't really think that there is anything symbolic about the picture. However, I think that the whole picture is showcasing the world of nature. Each land mark plays its own part to make the picture "awesome". You can also see that the sky is not clear but full of clouds and light peeping out of them. even though the sky is full of activity the rest of the portrait still makes the end product soothing. I choose this picture because it looked cool and each time you look at it you find something new and like it even more. I also think that since the picture is in black and white the picture takes on a whole new meaning and sence of mystery that otherwise could not be achieved with a color photograph.