Rose and Driftwood by Ansel Adams i found on anseladams.com. It is from 1932, it is a small picture with soft and rough shapes. There is a white rose in full bloom resting atop of a piece of driftwood. The rose is a soft shade of white with some shadow, and white roses mean silence, innocence. The driftwood could be a coffin and the white rose could be sympathy for the death of the dead loved one in the coffin. I think that the purpose of this picture is to capture the secrets of the light and the shadow on everyday objects. The mood of this photo could be calming, relaxing or even gloomy depending on the way the audience is looking at it. The photo is effective on me because i do feel relaxed looking at it, yet at the same time it makes me a little sad. One question that i have about this photo is why take a photo of something so simple? the message that is conveyed by this photo is what you feel is what you see. This is an effective piece, because for most people when they see a rose it will give them all kinds of emotions,and that is what this photo is doing for me.