The Pueblo Pottery, Dine Weaving, and Hispanic wood carving have illustrated continue aimed changed during the 1920’s and 30’s because as the time passes, the culture is changing and is interpreted into these forms of art and tells history as it happens.
The Pueblo Pottery demonstrates continue aimed change do to the history imbedded into the pattern of the paint and the use of the paint on the pottery used for decoration rather than cooking tools or devices used to carry water of other items.
Dine Weaving is only used for decoration around the house. This weaving is very dense which makes it thick and long lasting. The design used in the weaving is for decorative purposes cause it has Dine images that tell stories.
The woodcarving also helps tell the history of the Navajo people because before the woodcarving the Navajo people painted on the pottery and than started using the woodcarving to help give the pottery more depp and allows it to tell more stories from the painting and color on the pottery to the carving within the pot itself.