DreamCatcher by Samantha Moya

This project is the depiction of a dream catcher. To be obvious it is composed of a wooden hoop, leather cords, white string, turquoise beads, and feathers. Art isn't about the items that it's composed of. It's about the end result and the meaning behind it. Something beautiful was made here, and dream catchers in conventional trade represent a charm to protect children from bad dreams. This piece is a representation of culture in New Mexico because it is a common commodity sold in cultural stores, but someone has to make them right? Often seen as a unifier of Native American Culture the beliefs and dreams are made visible here by this work. Overall it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and conveys New Mexican and Native American culture in a tasteful way.

This photo is a hand crafted piece of art. the dream catcher is an example of the type of culture we have here in New Mexico. Dream catchers are used (primarily with young children in order to keep the bad dreams away. This dream catcher looks to me made from a hoop of some sort, white string, leather cords, feathers and turquoise beads to symbolize the state stone. There is what looks to be tribal type designs on the beads which would lead back to the Native Americans, which is a big portion of the people in New Mexico. -Doug Slam